Triumph Offers Demonstrated CFO Results For Small & Growing Companies

  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Banking Relationships
  • Benefit Plan Administration
  • Cash Management
  • Corporate Start-ups
  • Equity & Debt Management
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Products
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Surety / Bonding
  • Turnaround Management

Triumph can provide the support needed to meet the demands of specialized situations

Triumph will serve as an integral part of the management team and be responsible for managing the financial resources of the company. This includes formulating the company’s overall financial policy and plans, as well as seeing that financial transactions, policies and procedures meet short and long term corporate objectives and regulatory requirements.

Triumph will assist the management of the company’s financial resources across the board, enabling all pertinent entities from finance and legal affairs, to human resources, programming, sales, marketing and research to operate cost efficiently.

Triumph will assume responsibility for the supervision of the company’s information system including accounting and finance, human resources, insurance and inventory management. Triumph will furnish guidance and input regarding selection and implementation of hardware, software and related staff.

Triumph will work with management and department heads to establish and monitor key monthly and quarterly indicators.

Triumph will provide insights regarding the financial aspects of all corporate decisions and contracts.

I first realized the opportunity for Triumph CFO Services when I met a man and his son who ran a small electrical company. They explained that their accounting firm was insisting that they hire a competent financial executive (preferably through their placement service) to be the chief financial officer of the company. The owners recognized their need for this expertise but had many concerns, the largest being the additional cost of hiring a full-time CFO given the size of the company.

After talking for a while and reviewing the company operations it was clear that the expertise needed was not enough to justify hiring of a full-time CFO.
I gave them my opinion that (at this stage) what the company needed was better, timely reporting with additional help provided by the accounting firm or outside consultants.

Although my advice was helpful and saved the company some money, I knew that what they needed was a part-time CFO versatile enough to provide the skills needed in today’s business environment. An executive experienced with reporting requirements, cash management, payroll, human resources, risk management and strategic planning - a leader comfortable meeting with auditors, attorney, bankers, consultants, lawyers, and private equity companies.

These are the skills that Triumph CFO Services will provide.

Thomas M. McCafferty
Founder, Triumph CFO Services Inc.